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Dec, 2021

Which Division should I place my child?

DBLL offers different levels of baseball, depending on Age and Ability. If you are not sure where to register your child, you can always contact a board member or follow this guideline as a reference. When your player comes to evaluations, we can discuss where we feel they will fit best.

Little League uses an AGE CHART to determine your child's Age. to figure out your child's Baseball Age, answer this question: how old will they be on August 31st, 2021? That is their baseball age.

TBALL: Ages 4 - 6. If your 6 year old is very strong, he can be evaluated and moved up to Coach Pitch. There will be 1 practice per week, and when games start in March, a game on Saturday will be added (so 1 practice per week and 1 game).

Coach Pitch: Ages 6-8: Very instructional league where a coach pitches to the players. There is a max of 5 runs per inning so the games flow quickly. Every kid plays the IF and OF, and every kid is placed in the batting lineup.

Minor Division: Ages 9-12: Kids pitch. Instructional level, perfect for older kids who have little experience with baseball. This division has all of it's games at our local fields, no traveling to other cities.

50/70 Intermediate Division: Age 11-13: Competitive division, Kids pitch. Lead-offs, steals, metal cleats - all allowed. 65% of your games will be home, but you will also travel to Parkland, Coral Springs, Ft Lauderdale to play vs their 50/70 teams. This is just like the real baseball you see on TV, except the field is a little shorter (Major league has pitching mound 60ft from home, and bases are 90ft apart - this division has mound 50ft from home and bases are 70ft apart, hence the name 50/70).

Junior Division: Ages 12-14: Same as 50/70 division except play on 60/90 field.

Senior Division: ages 15-16: This season starts after HS baseball is completed since most kids play HS baseball.

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